Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You know what I hate? When someone promises you a blog series and then disappears for over a month. I hate that.

The children have been sick for weeks. Make that months. One disease would pass through the family, and as soon as they were over it, there would be another. They've had the flu, ear infections, eye infections, scarlet fever (we think - doc wasn't sure), ringworm, and until yesterday, an unidentified, explosive gastro-intestinal virus. I did not know we could be sick so much. The doctor started ending our visits with, "Hope I don't see you next week!"

Today two of them have colds, but that feels like nothing.

So here I am, slowly digging out from under the pile of laundry (OH THE LAUNDRY) and poking my head up to say hello. Now that life feels less like struggling through waist-deep mud (or even less appealing substances), I hope to be back and writing soon.

See you then.